Pittsburgh is a country town…everybody knows that. So why, you may ask, are our country stations piping in canned programming from thousands of miles away? It’s a question that gets frequently asked around these parts, and after hearing what country listeners in Pittsburgh had to say about their options on the FM dial, we are proud to launch Parkway 106, a new internet-based country station custom crafted for the Steel City, with local air staff, a better music variety, and way fewer commercials, plus local news, weather, traffic, and sports every day. In addition, Parkway 106 is proud to carry live broadcasts of Washington, Greene, and Fayette County high school athletics through our partnership with GreeneSports.net, giving the station a true hometown feel. This is country radio programmed by Pittsburghers, hosted by Pittsburghers, listened to by Pittsburghers. This is Parkway 106.

Request A Song Is there something you’d like to hear? Text us at (724) 914-3460 with the name of the song you’d like to hear, and we’ll try to get it on as soon as we can!