Traditional country singer Sam Outlaw will release a new CD later this year.
“For The Rest Of Our Lives,” by Outlaw, will be released on Friday, August 13. 
Outlaw and Steven Fiore (Ryan Cabrera, Natasha Bedingfield) wrote the song, which Cheyenne Medders produced, engineered, and recorded in the DepartureRoom in Nashville. 
Drums are provided by Aaron Haynes of The Texas Gentlemen and Quaker City Nighthawks.
“Once we started recording this one, all the other songs had to rise to the occasion,” Outlaw explained. It’s a love story about failure, forgiveness, and redemption, and it’s quite straightforward lyrically. I wrote the hook, but couldn’t figure out how to conclude the chorus – until Steven Fiore (Young Mister), a superb songwriter, showed up at my door. I sang him the song, and the first thing that came to me was
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