U.K. Variant Could Drive A New Surge In The U.S., Experts Warn

Scientists are sending the U.S. a warning: What’s happening right now in the United Kingdom with the new coronavirus variant could likely happen in the U.S., and the country has a short window to prepare. “I feel a sense of déjà vu right now about the situation we were in back in the spring,” says epidemiologist Emma Hodcroft at the University of Bern in Switzerland. “I think a lot of countries are looking at the U.K. right now and saying, ‘Oh, isn’t that too bad that it’s happening there, just like we did with Italy in February. “But we’ve seen in this pandemic a few times that, if the virus can happen somewhere else, it can probably happen in your country, too.” The new variant, called B.1.1.7, appears to be significantly more contagious than previous versions of the virus. It has been spreading rapidly in the U.K. and causing a huge surge in cases, hospitalizations and death. Last week, the U.K. reported a record-breaking 419,000 cases. The governments of England, Scotland, Wales

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