At Hospitals, A Race To Save ‘Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives’ With New Vaccine

Lately, Jon Horton has been dreaming about freezers. “I was opening the freezer and I was taking something out of the freezer and putting it in something else,” Horton said. “And it was just like – whew!” But not just an ordinary freezer. Horton is pharmacy operations director at Sentara – a healthcare network based in Norfolk, Va. Sentara officials are working out every detail of the logistics involved in rolling out the coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer, which has to be kept at nearly 100 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit, or risk losing effectiveness. “At a certain point you’re just trying to figure out what needs to be done next,” Horton said during an interview with NPR at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. “So you’re focusing on this process and as you open up that door, you learn a little more.” As federal regulators prepare to meet Thursday to consider whether they’ll approve Pfizer’s brand new coronavirus vaccine , employees like Horton are preparing to receive the vaccine at

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