NIH Director Predicts Vaccinations Will Start This Month

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, says millions of people in high-risk groups will likely “start rolling up their sleeves” to get a COVID-19 vaccine soon. An advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration is meeting on Thursday to talk about the Pfizer vaccine. The same committee of scientists and health experts will meet again on Dec. 17 to talk about the Moderna vaccine. Both vaccines have been highly effective in trials, according to the companies. “If they vote to approve, which most of us believe they will get based on the data we’ve seen so far, then vaccinations could start quite shortly after that,” Collins told Noel King on NPR’s Morning Edition . The advisory group makes a recommendation, but then it’s up to the FDA’s career scientists to approve the vaccine ultimately. Those scientists “have been poring over the details of how these trials have been turning out,” Collins said. The FDA scientists “look at every single record. It’s the

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